Best Classroom Pranks to pull on teachers on April Fools Day

All Fools’ Day, the holiday is celebrated every April 1 by playing practice jokes. Regardless of where the holiday came from, let’s not ignore a chance to celebrate! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what kinds of jokes to play on your students on April Fool’s Day.

As always, make sure to use your best judgment when playing pranks and don’t fall in trouble while playing pranks on teachers. Aways use cool pranks and never make your teacher irritated and make sure your pranks don’t conflict with school/district policies. Here are some suggestions I’ve gathered:There are many hilarious April Fools’ Day pranks for to play on teachers during class or in free time.

April Fool’s Day can be an excellent time to bring humor into the the classroom. Here are some the best Coolest pranks to pull on Teachers on this April Fools Day 2017.

Hope you liked reading our post. Please do share it with your friends and family. lastly let me wish you a very Happy April Fools Day. Have a lovely day playing pranks.


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