Best April Fools Day Pranks for School Friends

Best April Fools Day Pranks for School Friends: April 1st is Coming and on this day that is World’s Fool’s Day is one day of the year when you can never take anything seriously. Best April Fools Day Pranks for Friends: to Celebrate April 1st is Coming and we here at  bringing you some of the best Prank ideas for your school friends. If you’re looking for ideas to have some fun with your Schools Friends this year, check out some of the effective (and amusing!) Fools day pranks.

Here You will find the best & coolest pranks to play on friends at school, pranks to play on friends over text, pranks to pull on friends at sleepovers, funny harmless pranks, April fools pranks for kids, really good pranks, pranks to do on friends while sleeping. These pranks are really the best thing ever!

Voice Activated Prank for Friends

Contest Prank by Placing advertising Banner

Spider Prank on Toilet Paper

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