Awesome April Fools Day Pranks to pull on your Boyfriend

Awesome April Fools Day Pranks to pull on your Boyfriend : The day you’ve waited for is near and If you want pranks your Boyfriend and start the day with some lovely time, you’re need to have April Fools’ Day prank ready today.

We here at bringing you some of the best and hilarious April Fools Day 2017 pranks to pull out on your Boyfriend. April Fools’ Day is an odd little holiday we all LOVE this April Fools’ Day because funny things always happen no matter what someone will surely pull out a prank on you.

Here we are providing some ideas that might help you pull out a prank on your Loved one as we all know sometimes things in relationships can get too serious and it’s nice to play prank just asking a question like…

When are we going to close the gap?

Have you saved enough money to come visit me yet?

Why didn’t you answer your phone last night?

Well, why not inject a little fun into your relationship with the perfectly executed April Fools’ Day prank?

I you like our post the please do share it with your friends and family on social networking site and lastly have fun on this April Fools Day 2017. Happy Fools Day Folks!

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