Awesome April Fool Funny Telugu Quotes, Jokes Wishes & Messages

April Fools Day 2017 Telugu Quotes : Here we have got some of the best collection of Fools Day Telugu Jokes, April Fools Day Funny Pranks in Telugu, Telugu Saying Messages Status.

Telugu is a South Indian language spoken mainly in Andhra Pradesh, Telangna and neighboring states in southern India. there are approximately 75 million native Telugu speakers all over the world. All fools day is also called as April fools day which is celebrated on 1st April is approaching. This time April fools day 2017 comes on Saturday. Here we have got some of the best collections of Awesome April Fool Funny Telugu Quotes, Jokes Wishes & Messages for our Telugu people.

  1. ఈ రోజు ఏప్రిల్ 1 ఫూల్స్ డే
    ఏది నమ్మకు…
    ఎవరిని నమ్మకు…
    ప్రతి రోజులా – Happy April Fools Day
  2. ప్రతి దానికి ఓ రోజు ఉటుంది
    ప్రతి జంతువుకి ఓ రోజు ఉంటది
    అలాగే ప్రతి మనిషికి కూడా ఓ రోజు ఉంటది
    ఈరోజు నీరోజు – ఎంజాయ్ మిత్రమా !!
    Happy April Fool Day!
  3. Cheese is Cheese, Butter is butter, If you forget me, I will throw you in G U T T E R!
  4. I’m fool, I’m fool I’m fooling OK OK COOL I AGREE YOUR FOOL now please control yourself…
  5. Who the hell needs April Fools when the rest of 2015 will probably be a joke anyways.
  6. Feeling bored?
    Wondering, what to do?
    Open the zip!
    Enter your hands in between your zip…
    Take out your…
    Book from your bag and study. Happy Fools Day
  7. U will be a Rose for all Trees
    U will be a Smile for all Faces
    U will be Water Falls for all Hills
    U will be a Brother
    For all Cute Girls!

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