April Fool’s Day 2018 Jokes, Pranks for Americans

Hii Fellas, April Fool’s Day is back. There is lot of History falls behind April Fools Day and Americans do celebrate it their way making their day spicy with some humor, Jokes, pranks….

Want to be part of April fool’s Day 2018 fun but running out of Ideas to plan it for the day then we are giving some of the best ideas that worked with us and we hope these ideas would work to you as well..

Check out few best ideas for April Fool’s Day for Americans:

  1. Full the cistern of your toilet seat with a shampoo or liquid soap. The victim of your prank when flushes it, will experience foam all over!
  2. Duct tape your friends legs while he is asleep. But be careful that there isn’t any sharp-edged object near him, which can cause some injury!
  3. Announce about the engagement of your friend on Facebook and tag him!
  4. Replace a few inside pages of today’s issue with the last week’s newspaper.

These are some of the best pranks ever tried on fools day and here are few more ideas that u need pull out some time to prepare yourself to perfect play these pranksat your friends/Buddies…

  1. Offer to make a sandwich for the victim. But don’t remove the wrapper from the slice of the cheese. When the person bites, he’ll get a chewy surprise.
  2. Steal your victim’s cell phone and tape it under a desk or chair, or hide it somewhere they’ll never find it. Then start calling them while keeping your phone hidden.
  3. Put a potato in the exhaust pipe of the car. The car would not start. Paint the potato black so that the victim cannot see the potato.
  4. Interchange the ground salt and ground sugar and enjoy the agony of the cook.
  5. Tie a knot to the laces of both the shoes with each other. But avoid doing it on elders as they may trip and hurt their fragile bones.
  6. Use a universal remote control system and change the channels and adjust the volume while hiding outside the window of victims room.

Hope you Liked our ideas and we expect you will have a great time having fun on April Fools Day. These are just ideas and it might work for you and there is every chance that it might back fire for you as well. So Try it at your own risk and try your best not become Victim of this Fool’s Day .. Have great fun Fellas..


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