April Fool’s Day 2018 Kannada Text SMS Watsapp Jokes

April Fools Day Kannada MessagesHappy April Fools day for all Kannada people. Kannada is one of the famous regional language in India. We thought of providing you some of the best April Fool’s Day funny SMS Jokes to all Kannada speaking people in Karnataka as well as all over the world.  Enjoy this April Fools 2018 Text, SMS Messages, whatsapp status in kannada Share it with friends and Have fun all day long…
Check Out Some funny Kannada Jokes :

  1. 99Million64Crores63Lakhs17Thousand39Rupees.this is my bank balance..A monkey stole a lady-s Bra &amp sat on a tree.
  2. Lady:”Kelage haku kelage haku..Monkey laughed &amp said:
    “Nange manga madtiya..
    Idhu kelage hakodalla..
    Mele hakodu!
  3. Headmaster: Ee sala neenu 75% marks baro haage try maadbeeku.
    Student: 100% percent barohaage maadteeni sir!
    H.M: Hey joke maadbeeda..
    Student: Magane yaavano first joke maadavnu..
    antha helidre nambtheera….idu nanna mobile number..
    free iddaga msg madi.
  4. Fool se, Fool ne,
    Foolon ki Foolwari me
    Fool ke sath wish kiya
    ‘You are the most Beautifool,
    Colorfool & Wonderfool
    Amongst all the Fools. Happy Fool’s Day

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