5 Best Office Pranks on April Fools Day 2018

How about trying some of the following Office April Fools Pranks?

If your office has a good sense of humor and you’re looking for a bit of light-hearted, harmless fun this April 1 We’ve got 5 suggestions that could work fine on your colleagues in your office. Check out the list of 5 best ideas that could Spice up your office life on this fools day…

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  • Flip Computer screen upside down

Flip Computer screen upside down is pretty easy trick and you can try this prank on your office staff.

  1. To flip computer screen press “Ctrl+alt + down arrow keys”
  2. To flip sideways press “Ctrl+alt + side arrows”

Most of the individuals have no idea about this while some known people will easily flip it back while the rest will begin begin flipping their screen around and will have heck of time.

  • Keyboard Plants Prank

This will take some time for sure. If you really want to try out this prank, the plant keyboardbest way to do the old grass in the keyboard routine is to actually find an identical keyboard to your colleague’s and spend a few days growing cress seed on it before making the switch when they go out to lunch. Otherwise, it’s a case of heading out to the nearest garden, plucking up a load of strands and stuffing them in the cracks. This will not go down well if they have a state of the art finger tapper. Trust us here. you will have lots of fun when you friend comes back to work watching the keyboard.

  • Switch the mouse button

To switch mouse buttons you need have opened PC

Start > Control Panel > Mouse Properties >Switch to “Left handed” or change the “Primary buttons”

  • Plugging mouse to another person workstation

This trick exploits two people at a time time. all you have to do is to exchange mouse plugs with each others Computer, means changing ports and plugging mouse to another Computer and sit back enjoy fun..

  • Taped mouse

This is basic and funny and very easy. Simply get and paste tape over the laser of a laser mouse. Since the laser pointer is secured, the mouse will stop working.Mouse trolls

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